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It was not pretty against the Ravens, but 49ers won, and today was a good day

Our draft prospects may have taken a hit, but I tell you, my week is always better when the Niners win, and it's amplified when the Seahawks lose on the same weekend.

The 49ers still have a hole to dig themselves out of, and it's hard to be optimistic when they struggled against the Baltimore Ravens who have their own issues, but in this game there was a lot of good things offensively to take into account. Kaepernick, while having a couple of questionable actions, looked MUCH better in and out of the pocket. In fact, that touchdown pass to Quinton Patton may have been the most progressive score we've ever seen out of the guy. Granted, he nearly fell on his face in attempts to escape the pocket, but him looking back downfield was solid progress.

Now, as for Quinton Patton...THE GENERAL GOT A TOUCHDOWN! I know Ak49er is probably in desperate need of an oxygen tent if he witnessed that pass live. Regardless of the consequences, the General's bandwagon had a massive stock increase.

This Thursday we have the Seattle Seahawks, who have their own set of problems this season, but a win against them could keep us clinging in the thick of things. We'll still need a few miracles if we are to get out of this hole, but if the offense can keep improving, maybe we can squeak out of this.

Good night everyone, today was a good day.