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Jed York: 49ers Kliier

According to Wikipedia, the 49ers owner is now known as Niners Kliier

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago we showed you the updated Wikipedia pages for Jed York and Trent Baalke which have all but been cleaned up. Given the growing disgust for the front office from fans, I made it a point to check in on Wikipedia from time to time to see if any new developments or false info was posted on the two. Surprisingly, everything has been clean.

That is, unless you check Wikipedia's mobile app. While at work the other day, I took a look on my phone and saw this:


Japanese and English are the two languages I have experience using on a daily basis, and I know those two languages don't have that word in their vocabulary. I'm wondering if it's German for something, but I'm going to guess no. I think this edit was going for "Niners Killer", but I don't want to consider the editor a moron just yet. Who knows, maybe their boss was walking by when they were editing? Maybe their parents made them go back to eating their Cheerios before they got on the bus middle school and they had to thumb out 'save'? The point is, we can't just rule this out as an update by an illiterate.

I'm sure this will get cleaned up soon by those Wikipedia honks, as I know a lot of the people who write on there regularly take the writing seriously. A lot more than you imagine. Despite the many who have made Wikipedia a fun site to look things up and get a small nugget or two of actual information, you always are going to not only have the trolls, but people who can't spell "Killer" right. The latter is always even more hilarious. Still, edits like this only make this Penny-Arcade comic and this PA comic about the site all the more true. In fact, it makes the comic even more funny because it IS true.