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Jim Tomsula talks 49ers win, Colin Kaepernick, defense, more

The San Francisco 49ers head coach met with the media on Sunday following the team's 25-20 win over the Baltimore Ravens. He talked about Colin Kaepernick, the defense, and more. We've got a full transcript of his press conference.

Opening comments:

"Injury report, [RB] Carlos [Hyde], the foot got a little sore there. That's nothing, no secret. We just decided to take it easy on him there and get the other guys some reps, we had them up. So, we'll just continue to stay on top of that. [WR Anquan] Boldin, he fell, a guy fell on his leg, he tightened up, didn't want to take a chance there. And, [S Eric] Reid got the wind knocked out of him, went back in. So, that's it for the injuries. Obviously, very happy with a win and the guys played hard, played all the way through the game. I thought both teams did. Baltimore Ravens, much respect to them and the way they play and the way they're coached. So, questions?"

At the end of the game it looked like there was confusion about who was supposed to be in the game. Did you consider taking a timeout before the Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco's last pass?

"Yeah, there was confusion with getting the young guy on. We weren't sure with Eric Reid, so we ended up with an extra DB there. So, yeah, that's what that confusion was about."

What do you think about just your team's ability to close things out? I mean, you took a pretty good lead there, but had to hold on for dear life. What's your feeling on what you--?

"Well, obviously we want to get that lead and we want to keep it. We don't need to be giving things back. But, the Ravens played hard. But, when we have a lead we want to make sure we keep it where it is."

Did you feel that QB Colin Kaepernick played with a little more confidence today than he has in recent weeks?

"No. I think he played well. He's the same guy everyday with me."

On your first offensive drive it seemed to be the plan to get the ball in the hands of all the receivers at some point. Is that part of the deal or just the way that --?

"Well, it was the reads. We were calling the plays and come off of that and get to the next guy."

What has it been about Kaepernick playing and you guys running more play with him under center that have seemed to have gotten the offense going the past couple weeks?

"Well, game plan wise is where we've gone with that, and just the whole timing with the offensive line and the offense. It's just been game plan."

Obviously, Baltimore Ravens CB Shareece Wright was in a tough spot having just gotten to the Ravens. Did you guys want to test him to see how up to speed he was?

"I'm not going to get into those things. But, a lot of respect to Shareece. He's a fine person."

Do you have mixed feelings about your pass defense, just they were able to hold firm at the end, but they still gave up a ton of yards just like they have been every week?

"Obviously, it's been noted. I've not shied away from that. We're working on that. We are improving."

LB NaVorro Bowman came off the field a little slowly. He was getting worked on his neck and his shoulder. Did he get a stinger?

"Ma'am, I don't know anything about that."

After WR Quinton Patton's catch, you ran a play right away to prevent the challenge, was, who was screaming on the sideline about that? Somebody there was--.

"Well, we were trying to get play off. I wasn't sure. I couldn't tell from the angle I was at. We wanted to hurry up and go."

Was it you yelling or was it--?

"Yeah, well, it's the guys upstairs too, that are looking at everything."

Does this win mean that your team is getting better?

"Yes. We're measured by wins and losses. So, getting one in the left hand column is very important. These guys come to work every day, they do. They work and I see them getting better. We have to get better on gameday, so we did that today. It's a good team. It's a good group of guys that are willing to earn it."

Felt like the offense was a little more diversified, the FB Bruce Millers of the world. Was that by design or was it just things that opened up as the game progressed?

"Well, it's game plan and the reads off the play."

You guys obviously lost four in a row. Does a win like this, have you already sensed what it can do for a team's psyche?

"Every time you win it's a really good thing. That's my answer there. Winning is a good thing."

Scrambled back in the game and you guys were really in need of a play and you catch Boldin down field on a real tough catch. How big, for a guy like him especially, to step up and his toughness and what he represents from the team, is that the kind of thing you guys just kind of expect from him?

"Yeah, that's Anquan. He's done that for how many years? I thought it was an excellent throw and obviously just an awesome catch. But, that's Anquan and he finds it. The play kind of broke down and he found the chute there and boom."

That was one of the themes of the day, just the explosive plays that you guys didn't have earlier in the season. What was different today versus the first few weeks in terms of being able to get those?

"Well, again, when they're going to cover-1 and cover-0, those plays open up and take your shot."

It can be overlooked, but in a game like this how important to have someone like K Phil Dawson who you can just rely on?

"Phil is never overlooked in my eyes. Phil Dawson's the one with the wind in the game and all those things in the fourth quarter, and kicking the field goal when they are kicking a field goal down on that side. That's Phil Dawson every week. Phil Dawson is my age."