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Justin Tucker sunk into Levi's Stadium on his missed field goal

The San Francisco 49ers actually got a little bit of home field advantage! This is kind of crazy.

The San Francisco 49ers won a wild one in Week 6, defeating the Baltimore Ravens 25-20. It came down to the wire as the Ravens Hail Mary attempt came up short. And yet, that was probably not the wildest part of the game. That belonged to Ravens kicker Justin Tucker. Levi's Stadium demanded a sacrifice, and behold what happened to Justin Tucker!

In watching the kick, I thought it was a basic divot. However, as we see in this video, that was a whole lot more than a divot. That seemed like it was practically a sinkhole! The ground sort of cratered beneath Tucker's leg, and honestly, he's probably just lucky he didn't blow out his knee on the kick.

Tucker showed some serious leg strength, as the kick hit the side bar, just narrowly missing completion. Had he made that field goal, the Ravens very well could have ended up winning the game on a late field goal. Whatever the case, the 49ers got the win, and Tucker seemed to walk away in one piece. Win-win for 49ers fans!