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WWE's Roman Reigns is a defensive guy, but is he a Kaepernick guy?

If you didn't know, WWE heavy weight Roman Reigns is a 49ers Faithful and he was recently interviewed by Fox Sports' Jimmy Traina. They talked about many things including the present state of the 49ers. You can listen to the full interview up above.

The 49ers talk starts at minute 22:00

Here is the transcript:

Jimmy Traina: So you work on Sunday, which gas got to be a good thing these days because I know you're big 49ers fan .
Roman Reigns: You're going there?

JT: I was going to ask if you have any idea of what they can do to turn it around? They've been brutal.
RR: Um...protect the ball. Don't throw the ball away,

JT: Do you think Kaepernick is the guy for them?
RR: You're going to get me in trouble. No. No, I don't. I'm not...I'm not a Kaepernick guy at all. No. What hurt me the most is, I was a Justin Smith guy, a Patrick Willis guy. I was, I am a defensive guy.

JT: They lost so many players.
RR: So many.

JT: No one expected them to be good because of the crazy turnover.
RR: Yeah, come on, guy.

Roman, we're with you. We are all Justin Smith and Patrick Willis people too!