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Golden Nuggets: Hopefully the 49ers look better than either of Thursday's teams this week

Friday, October 2nd, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Good morning everyone. It's good to see the sad history of Thursday Night Football was upheld with that awful game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. It was such a poor game from start to finish that I could only groan when the Ravens forced overtime. I was covering the game for SB Nation and I was sure the game would end in a tie, but the Ravens did manage to kick the field goal and win it.

Now all I have to focus on is the San Francisco 49ers ... oh God, I miss Thursday Night Football. I've went ahead and said I was strangely confident in the 49ers for two consecutive weeks and I gotta say, that's all completely and utterly gone. They've looked like the team many of us has secretly feared they would be over the past two weeks and at this point I can only hope it's not a huge blowout again.

It won't be, right? Right? Onto the links.

49ers injury report: Davis sits out with knee injury (Maiocco)

Practice report: Vernon Davis remains out with knee issue; Eric Reid has hip injury (Inman)

49ers notes: Kaepernick must cope with pressure, Chryst says (Barrows)

Jarryd Hayne's role with 49ers: return punts, not kickoffs (Branch)

49ers defensive coordinator Eric Mangini plans to mix things up to contain Aaron Rodgers (Biderman)

49ers look to find right zone against Rodgers, Packers (Maiocco)

49ers still figuring out what works, what doesn't (Barrows)

Snake's take: How Kaepernick can improve on a disappointing Week 3 (SI)

49ers OC Geep Chryst: Colin Kaepernick must adapt to not having clean pocket (Inman)

Analysis of the 49ers secondary (Lynch)

49ers red alert: Aaron Rodgers, Packers rolling into town (Brown)

Billick: Kap 'like a rookie quarterback,' 49ers 'not very good' (Maiocco)

Anquan Boldin's message to 49ers: 'Come out there and work your butt off' (Inman)

Eric Mangini: 49ers defense must be disciplined against Aaron Rodgers' hard count (Inman)

Emotionless Kap moves on to Green Bay: 'Not too big on feelings' (Maiocco)

Armstead Beginning to Show Pass-Rushing Skills (NBC Bay Area)