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Anquan Boldin: 'It's up to the players to go out and execute.'

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin spoke to the media on Thursday, and focused on what the players need to do for the team to find some success moving forward. We've got a full transcript, and you can watch his media session here.

The big discussion point this week has been on the frustration the team has dealt with following two straight ugly losses. Jim Tomsula acknowledged it in his Wednesday press conference, saying the team dealt with and is moving forward. Eric Mangini discussed it on Thursday, and the value of finding out how people respond to it in practice the following week.

On Thursday, wide receiver Anquan Boldin was asked about frustration, and what the team needs to do to rebound from two straight poor performances. He acknowledged frustration, and said it was simply a matter of players getting in the practice and busting their butt. He was not asked anything about scheme questions, and instead focused on just the need for players to execute.

Execution is critical, but the team seems to be in a position where they need to figure out some scheme changes to overcome execution issues. There is not sign the offensive line is going to improve particularly significantly, and there is no sign of changes to the starting five. Execution is important, but if the talent level is lacking for this important unit, it will take more than just working hard on the practice field to find some kind of success.

On attitude of team at this point following Week 3 loss:

Yea, as a team I feel we've looked it as, as a team, and we've corrected things that went wrong. I think yesterday we started off with a good week of practice. Hopefully to follow it up today. So I mean, in this league you have no choice but to move on.

On what went wrong:

Just a lack of execution. I mean, there's no other way to put it. Just a lack of execution.

On frustration on Sunday:

[Laugh]. Uh, very frustrated. I think we all were. We came out and had a great week of practice last week. I felt like we had a good game plan. Felt prepared. To go out there and play that we did, it was totally unacceptable.

On if he was frustrated with Kap:

No. My frustration was with us as a team. Like I said, we didn't play the way we are capable of playing. We didn't execute well. We just didn't look like ourselves, and for me, that's where the frustration comes. I mean you work your butt off in practice all week, and to go out and to lay an egg, basically, I don't think anybody's satisfied with that performance.

On whether they use past offensive success against Packers to gameplay this time around:

I think you go back and watch it, and try to see what things you did that had success. But at the same time, it's a completely different team. Different parts, different plays, so you just have to go out and prepare this week, as best as possible. And go out and execute the game plan.

On what he does to help get offense going:

Just continue to work. I mean there's been times in my career where I felt, as a team we weren't doing what we were supposed to. But I think the only way you can correct that is to go out and work. Nothing else fixes it. You have to go out and work your butt off. When you play that way, it'll change itself.

On if it's the same with leadership:

Yea, I think so. I don't think guys really respond to the "rah rah", all that. You come out there and work your butt off. That's the only way you get out of slumps, that's the only way you get out of droughts. You come work hard, and let it carry over to the playing field.

On Tomsula's message to team this week:

Just go out and play football. It's nothing new to us. It's not like it's a new game or anything. It's still the same game, so just go out and play.

On whether facing 3-0 team adds to motivation:

I mean for us, we look forward to any challenge that's out there. Right now they're playing really good football. Aaron Rodgers is playing lights out. So it'll definitely be a challenge for us as a team, but we're looking forward to the challenge.

On looking to the coaches to help improve:

I mean they don't play. That's up to the players to change that. Only thing they do is call plays, call defenses. It's up to the players to go out and execute.