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49ers sources walking back Jim Tomsula #Fartgate with media

I really couldn't help myself.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I posted a FanShot of this earlier, but this is too much fun not to expand a little further. In case you did not see the FanShot, there is a recording from Jim Tomsula's Wednesday press conference in which it sounds like he passes gas. It is kind of amazing because it happens as he is responding to a question with respect for the Green Bay Packers. In another world, it might be a tell that he is BS'ing the crowd.

Eric Branch got the bottom of this potentially stinky situation after it started making the rounds on the Internet:

Bay Area Sports Guy also heard the 49ers were saying the noise came from a chair, so that appears to be the company line. Personally, if I was Jim Tomsula, I'd get the media together, and say, "Hell yea, it was me." But I suppose if he really did not do it, he would not want to take credit for something like that.

At this point we probably need an NFL investigation into #FartGate. As I said in the FanShot, I may be 36, but that is not going to stop me from enjoying some good fart humor. Given how bad the last two weeks have been for the 49ers, I think we need to find enjoyment wherever we can!