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Media coming crashing down on Jed York

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It has been an ugly two weeks for the San Francisco 49ers, and aside from the solid Week 1 showing, it has been mostly bad news dating back to Jim Harbaugh's departure. There have been some bits of good news along the way, but all in all, it was not surprising a lot of fans were not feeling good about this upcoming season.

Three weeks into the season, the 49ers are coming off back-to-back losses by a combined score of 90-25. It has not been pretty the last two weeks, and there is not a lot to indicate change is on the horizon. There is certainly a chance the team springs an upset on Sunday, or at least hangs tough with the Packers late. Gambling history couple with a short week for the Green Bay Packers could make for an entertaining game (in a positive way!). But even if the team hangs close, we'll likely be left wondering what's next after the first quarter of the season.

The early season struggles have led to plenty of criticism. While there is criticism of Jim Tomsula, the more stinging criticism has been aimed at the top of the organization. This week has seen a couple particularly stinging critiques. People have their issues with Ann Killion and Lowell Cohn, but both drove the point:

Killion: "49ers’ woes start at the top of the organization"
Cohn: "Jed York deserves all the blame for 49ers' mess"

If this season continues to go south, York will receive the brunt of the blame. This is not exactly ground-breaking news, but the worse this season goes, the greater the cacophony of dissent. It does not mean there will be any change any time soon. I suppose John and Denise could decide Jed should not be CEO. I highly doubt that happens because right now this team is a cash cow. NFL costs are fairly predictable, and they are a whole lot less than the revenue that will be flowing in for the foreseeable future.

Earlier this week, we had some discussion about what it would take to hold Jed York accountable for a poor season. There are still 13 more games to go, but right now, his boast of only raising Super Bowls is potentially going to bite him in the butt for the near future. Maybe things turn around, and this team shocks us all. But right now I am skeptical of that. And I have to say, I am thankful that people are recognizing that any potential issues with this team start at the top. I think people have generally been smart enough to figure that out, but the media is making sure to hammer home that point.

With three months of regular season football still to go, it is going to get pretty interesting amongst Bay Area media. I don't know whether Jed York is concerned with that. He seems to rarely speak on the record with local media. He spoke when the team "parted ways" with Jim Harbaugh, again when the team hired Jim Tomsula, and once more on KNBR in an interview that did not go particularly well. It will be interesting to see when we next hear from Jed York, aside from whatever he might say to national media. If this team struggles any further, this situation will get even uglier.