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Fred Jackson wrecks car, apparently not drag racing

Fooch's update 7:21 p.m. - Local and national media (and Fred Jackson) say it was not drag racing.

Fooch's update 6:22 p.m. - Cliff Avril is calling BS that they were drag racing:

Well, this is certainly one way to unwind after practice. Seattle Seahawks running back Fred Jackson wrecked his car in what TMZ is describing as a drag race with teammate Marshawn Lynch. Nobody else has clarified the drag racing part, but there are pictures of Jackson's car after it ran into a stop sign.

TMZ reported Lynch was not hurt, but they were unsure of Jackson's status. FOX Sports NFL reporter Mike Garafolo reported Jackson was fine.

It's been a pretty crazy year for the Seahawks since the Super Bowl, on and off the field. Danny Kelly summed up the Seahawks best a few weeks ago (he bumped this tweet up again after news of this accident).