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Week 7 NFL picks: 49ers get us started on Thursday Night Football

We're back with Week 7 NFL picks for our Yahoo! pick 'em contest. I've also included my pick against the spread for the 49ers-Seahawks Thursday Night Football contest

Welcome back for another round of picks! Week 7 of Thursday Night Football kicks off later tonight, and it's kind of a big deal. Our San Francisco 49ers host the Seattle Seahawks in a matchup of 2-4 squads. Opinions vary on the 49ers chances heading into this season, but most folks are surprised the Seahawks have started this poorly.

I'll be posting my full picks against the spread on Saturday, but for today, I have posted my straight up picks down below, as well as my ATS pick for TNF. You can view the NN pick 'em contest results over here. I put together an 8-6 week, which brings me to 56-35 for the season.

The 49ers are a 6.5-point underdog against the Seahawks. This line opened with the 49ers as a four-point underdog over the week, but the line climbed pretty quickly early in the week. Right now, public money is 51 percent to the 49ers, which indicates odds-makers have figured out a solid number. After all, if they get near even money on both sides of this game, the house wins!

I do think the 49ers can spring an upset in this game, but however it finishes, it will be an ugly win for either team. These two don't play the most beautiful of football games, and games in San Francisco/Santa Clara have been fairly low scoring affairs the last few years. Both teams are dealing with some injuries, and neither offensive line is particularly good. Maybe Andrew Tiller gets more time and makes a difference, but more than likely neither offensive line gets nearly enough going. That's my guess at least.

I'm glad I don't have to put any money or my SuperContest picks at risk on this game. I'll pick the 49ers to win outright, but that is based more on me being a big, fat homer than anything else. The logical side of me sees the Seahawks coming in and winning ugly, but covering. But it really could come down entirely to what Colin Kaepernick does. If he can build on Weeks 5 and 6, this is most definitely a winnable game, albeit relatively close. If he continues his struggles against Seattle, I see something more along the lines of last year's 19-3 Seahawks win on Thanksgiving.

Here are my Week 7 picks for our pick 'em contest.

Seahawks @ 49ers: 49ers
Bills @ Jaguars: Jaguars
Vikings @ Lions: Lions
Falcons @ Titans: Falcons
Saints @ Colts: Colts
Steelers @ Chiefs: Chiefs
Browns @ Rams: Rams
Texans @ Dolphins: Dolphins
Jets @ Patriots: Patriots
Bucs @ Washington: Washington
Raiders @ Chargers: Raiders
Cowboys @ Giants: Giants
Eagles @ Panthers: Panthers
Ravens @ Cardinals: Cardinals