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Simulation Satu----errr Thursday: 49ers vs Seahawks Madden 16 simulation

Let's see who Madden sides with

For this week's simulation, we made little changes to the lineups. It seems like both sides have a bit of their players banged up, but nothing that merits me removing them from their rosters. This should be an interesting simulation. Why? Because it's Madden, and we know how accurate this is...

1st Quarter:

The 49ers received and went to work with the running game.  Carlos Hyde was able to pick up five and 10 yards, but on the third running play, the Seahawks had enough of it and sacked Hyde during a handoff in the backfield. The next handoff added more negative yardage. By then, it was apparent the Seattle Seahawks realized they were the Seattle Seahawks and on 3rd and 18, Cary Williams got a gifted pick from Colin Kaepernick. The Seahawks couldn't take full advantage of the short field, despite some decent runs from Marshawn Lynch and a 16 yard pass to Jimmy Graham. They had to take the field goal. Thank God.

Score 3-0, Seahawks

The Niners were able to do a full series this time, too bad it ended in a punt after only one 1st down (an 11 yard pass to Torrey Smith). The Seahawks, getting the ball back, didn't even use Marshawn Lynch and decided to show Russell Wilson can make pass plays by running Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham all over the place. They entered the red zone to end the quarter.

2nd Quarter:

After an incomplete pass, Russell Wilson nailed Ricardo Lockette for a touchdown. Great.

Score 10-0, Seahawks

Colin Kaepernick had quite enough of all this and summoned his new friend from last week, Torrey Smith to help take them down to the red zone with two passes of 27 yards and 20 yards respectively. Once Hyde's running game stunted again, Kaepernick tucked the ball himself on 3rd and 2 and ran it in for the score.

Score 10-7, Seahawks

The good feelings didn't last long. Russell Wilson carved the secondary with the help of Doug Baldwin and Ricardo Lockette. The two helped prove Russell Wilson can in fact, pass in this league right up to the two yard line. The Seahawks coaching staff was unfortunately  not dumb this time and had Marshawn Lynch run it in.

Score 17-7, Seahawks

The Niners offense stunted right after the touchback and punted the ball to Seattle. 1:23 in the half was more than enough for Russell Wilson to throw the ball all over the place (again) and then to just prove once more the playcalling was fine by having a 0.1 yard TD run (yes, it was 0.1 yards, I checked).

Score 24-7, Seahawks

The Niners took a knee after receiving the ball to close out the half.

3rd Quarter:

The Seahawks got the ball and again (you guessed it) carved the 49ers secondary.  Luckily, on the 10 yard line, Marshawn Lynch fumbled the ball and it was scooped up by Eric Reid (yeah! Remember him?). The recovery didn't do much, since the Niners were held to a 3 and out and punted out of their end zone. The ball landed on the 50 and Seattle decided they were done passing for the day, instead deploying the run game, ending with a Fred Jackson touch down. The Seahawks have yet to punt.

Score 31-7, Seahawks

The niners got a single 1st down and punted away...again. The ball landed on the 50 yard line to close out the quarter. I think we know how this ends.

4th Quarter:

The Seahawks chipped away at the 49ers defensive front running the ball every play. That is until they were 10 yards out and decided they were tired of running and tossed it to Jermaine Kearse for another touchdown. Well, at least we don't have turkey at this game.

Score 38-7, Seahawks

The niners passing game actually came alive. Too bad it ended in a Phil Dawson field goal. Who did what? Would you care at this point if it was real life?

Score 38-10, Seahawks

Believe it or not, the Niners defense forced a punt! There may only be a minute left in the game, but dammit, if you're gonna come back, now's the time to do it! I spoke too soon since it was a 3 and out, and the Niners offense didn't want to run it on 3rd down. Apparently they didn't want any more touchdowns. The punt was enough for Russell Wilson to knee.

Final Score 38-10, Seahawks

Final Thoughts:

Well...that certainly sucked. Do I think this is believable? Not with this Seahawk team. Yes, they may very well beat the 49ers, but not by 28 points in Santa Clara. I certainly don't see them being limited to a single punt in the whole game either. There's no way every possession is going to end on a TD.

Madden did get the opponent's score right last week though....