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Time to get pumped for 49ers/Seahawks round 1

Time for us to pump everyone up!

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Do not worry about the record.

Don't worry about how we did last week against a 'bad' defense.

Where this season is headed? Who cares? We very well may be out of the playoff hunt.

But this is the Seahawks and they annoy us.

I don't know why they hated us so much before Jim Harbaugh's arrival, and I'm pretty sure they don't know either. Regardless, we all want to see this team descent into sub-.500 hell. So let's do this: MUSIC!

Kudos to Eastbayninersfan for this one. At this juncture, nothing is more perfect than this song to set the mood. It's funny how many games into the season we are, and yet we still aren't sure what kind of a football team we have. Maybe Colin Kaepernick is maturing right before our very eyes. The way he's played against Minnesota and Baltimore, bad defenses they may be, he seems different when he's playing them--in a good way. Lets hope he can showcase some stuff tonight against Seattle and give us a good weekend.

So let's get pumped! Post your images/animations below and lets get everyone jacked up. Got a song you want us to get pumped to (God knows we may need one)? List it below and I'll have a look.