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49ers-Seahawks final score: This offense cannot come back from a deficit

The San Francisco 49ers stink. That's about it, as they lose 20-3 to the Seattle Seahawks.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers dropped to 2-5 on Thursday, losing to the Seattle Seahawks by a final score of 20-3. The 49ers fell behind early, and it was essentially over before it began. The Seahawks offense is really not that good, but the 49ers offense is incapable of coming from behind. The offense goes into a shell, Colin Kaepernick gets sacked, team punts, wash, rinse, repeat.

The offense looked better against the New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens, while the defense was pretty abysmal. This week, the offense went in the tank, while the defense was slightly better. Had the 49ers been facing a better offense, this game would have been even worse. The 49ers defense did make some big plays, but they also benefited against a Seahawks offense that is only just starting to get back in gear with Marshawn Lynch.

We'll have plenty more on this, but for tonight, I just don't know what to say. So, I leave you with the picture of Sammy Hagar, who was the halftime entertainment for Thursday Night Football.