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Jim Tomsula says Colin Kaepernick is 49ers starting quarterback, not considering changes to coaching staff

The San Francisco 49ers are reportedly considering some changes to try and shake up the malaise. On Friday, Jim Tomsula said any changes would not involve Colin Kaepernick or the coaching staff.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula met with the media on Friday, and naturally got questions about potential changes. Matt Maiocco reported big changes could be in the offing, but did not know what specifically that might entail.

Tomsula was asked about Colin Kaepernick's status. He said Kap remains the starting quarterback. Kap did suffer a thumb injury on Thursday, and was wearing something on it in his post-game press conference. Kap said yesterday it was just swollen, and not broken. Tomsula said on Friday all indications were that it was fine at this point.

Tomsula was also asked about potential changes to the coaching staff. He said he was not considering any changes to that staff. Plenty of people have been pissy about Geep Chryst and Eric Mangini. They do have their issues, but the problems seem to run beyond just scheme decisions. You could pin the blame on the coordinators, the offensive line and the quarterback, and not be wrong in your assessment.

Nonetheless, somebody upstairs is not pleased with the situation in which the 49ers now sit. Changes could entail some adjustments to the starting offensive line, and I could see to the starting front seven, but I'm not sure what else they will do as the season slips further and further away.