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Two 49ers fans express their clear displeasure using an inflatable penis (slightly NSFW)

Niners Nation should probably be considered some semblance of a family site, but this is one time I think we can enjoy a little NSFW humor. San Francisco 49ers fans are not remotely pleased with what is going on, and they are letting it show. Down below, I've embedded a tweet that is making the rounds of the Internet. It's two girls, with one holding an inflatable penis and one flipping the bird, with a clear message for Jed York.

Someone caught up with the two girls, and got the lowdown on what led to the picture. It turns out, the inflatable penis actually floated down from somewhere else in the stadium. User Emeritus found a different picture of it and posted it in the comments last night. Here is that picture:

Given that it is light outside, that would seem to indicate it was pre-game. Ashley, the girl in the picture, said it fell from the upper deck. She and someone else posted this picture. I actually heard from somebody sitting nearby, and apparently the inflated penis ended up in the hands of a Seahawks fan. Make of that what you will. Either way, the whole thing cracked me up.