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Vernon Davis trade rumors: 49ers TE wants to remain, but understands the business

The San Francisco 49ers season is circling the drain, which means they could try and trade off various parts to build for the future. Tight end Vernon Davis has found himself included in some of the rumors, and he had a chance to address them in a conversation with Matt Maiocco Thursday evening.

You can read the full comments here, but the gist of it is that he wants to stick around, and would be upset to go elsewhere. He acknowledged that he understand the business side of things, but he pointed to the idea that when someone is with an organization for ten years, they are going to be upset if they are sent elsewhere.

It's certainly reasonable to think he would be upset, but I have a hunch he would be fine if he was dealt to a contender. He is a free agent after this season, and has to realize he won't be returning next year. I suppose anything is possible, but consider me skeptical we see Davis in a 49ers uniform after this season. If the 49ers can get anything at all for him, they should. I get Vernon saying all the right things, but I think he'll be fine if he is moved to a contender in search of tight end help.