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Golden Nuggets: Unleash the Tartt

Your 49ers links for Saturday, October 24th, 2015

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Morning everybody! Now that we're two days removed from that God-awful performance on Thursday, I think I can say I'm not going to really be forgetting it the rest of the season. This wasn't just a loss, it was a defining loss. Now, on the flip side, Seattle, I'm pretty sure you haven't gotten your mojo back by beating the 49ers. You just got the 49ers on the schedule. That's it. I find it rather funny how Seattle thinks they won the Super Bowl after that game--they should be concerned about limping into the playoffs at this point.

Yes, that's how bad we are.

And yet, I'm not too furious. We are truly rebuilding. I see a lot of good things from the players, just poor coaching. I still want to know why the loser of the Devey/Tiller Competition got to continue starting. I'd also like to know why Kap having some 1-read and go plays were not a factor in the gameplan. And yes, while Kaepernick is part of the problem with the offense, he's not the entire problem. Lump in Geep Christ's playcalling and that awful offensive line and then you got the sum of all fears.

Meh whatever.

On another note: Good that Tartt gets the start. I've seen some promise out of the guy, and I think, given our current situation, playing time is perfect for this guy. if he can get his coverage skills down, receivers will be flat SCARED to catch a ball in his zipcode (remember when they were just afraid to catch a ball against us?). So while the Bethea injury sucks, this is a blessing in disguise for the young-gun.

Let's get to the links:

49ers safety Antoine Bethea is out for the season after suffering a shoulder injury. Receiver Jerome Simpson was added to the active roster

Branch:49ers: Same result produces same message from Jim Tomsula

Let's check in on Prime Time: Deion Sanders Rips 49ers’ Management, Believes Team Should Be ‘Ashamed’

The full video of Maiocco's "big change" report is embedded, the actual article is a good read too: Ex-NFL lineman: 49ers O-line worst in last three decades

This is just too cute to not mention: Torrey Smith's son picks up his spirits after loss to Seahawks

I feel like seeing deja vu. Didn't we hear this the last few embarassing losses? 49ers coach Jim Tomsula: 'We're going to fix it'

Funny how an overlooked fair catch violation turns into unsportsman like conduct for Quinton Patton. The refs have made the NFL become a joke: 49ers WR Quinton Patton could be fined $23,152

Levi's stadium strikes again: Russell Wilson Is Latest Victim Of The Turf Monster At Levi's Stadium

A guy licking his chops at every leak in the organization due to "sources" now is blasting Jed York? Yep, it must be a Kawakami article: Kawakami: 49ers' woes can be traced to Jed York

This is amazing: Colin Kaepernick is still struggling and it is going to cost him $100 million

Hate on Vernon all you want. He did give us The Catch III: Trade would make 49ers TE Davis 'upset, highly disappointed'

What a horrible night to have a curse...