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A little foot talk with Carlos Hyde

After the loss to the Seahawks, Carlos Hyde talked about his foot and it's possible stress fracture.

Before the Thursday Night Football game, Tracy Wolfson reported that San Francisco 49ers RB Carlos Hyde would play despite a stress fracture in his foot. The injury reports about Hyde's foot have been very vague, noting that he has foot soreness, but no mention of a stress fracture. After the game, the questions were a little more pointed and Hyde actually had a bit of fun with Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee in the process. We have the full transcript below. You can also watch the video here.

The ineffectiveness on third down, in your opinion, how much of it was on you guys and how much of it was on Seattle?

It was all on us, as an offense. Definitely, me, the offensive line, we have to do a better job of communicating with that pass rush so we can give the quarterback time to get the ball out. So it was more of us, not them.

Did it seem as though they got such an interior push? It was like before the play even got going they were there?

Yeah, they have some good guys on the D-line. Can’t take anything away from those guys. But we just have to compete, keep working, go to practice and get better. Definitely going to watch this film and watch the things we did do right and the things we didn’t do right, correct those and move forward.

Do you have a stress fracture in your foot?

Something like that.

Is there a risk of it getting worse as the season goes on?

Anything can happen in a football game. I could go out there and and break my leg so I’ll just take it day by day, try to stay off of it as much as possible, let it rest, try to prepare each week for the game by staying off of it.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being extreme pain, what’s the pain level?

Like a 6.

How’s the foot right now?


This offense had found such a rhythm over the last game and a half. What changed in this game that didn’t allow the offense to fall back into that rhythm?

Like I said, me and the offensive line, when we have those third and shorts, we just have to move the ball on those third and shorts, third down. We just have to move the chains, keep the chains moving. I don’t think we did a good job of keeping the chains moving. We just have to do a better job of moving the chains.

Is the foot something that can heal on it’s own or does it need an extended period of rest?

Do you know anything about bodies? Do you know anything about feet?


Yeah, me either.

Nobody on the medical staff has told you anything?

No, just keep doing what I’ve been doing, trying to stay off of it, getting treatment daily, resting it, it will heal on it’s own.

A lot of players on this team have never experienced a streak like this, or to be 2-5 in this situation. How does the team handle this? What did Tomsula say to the team after this loss?

He just told us to stay with it. Tough loss, stay with it. Like he told us, we have something special in this room. Believe in one another and just keep fighting. Stay positive and we’ll be alright.

What did you see from Colin in the huddle?

I see Kap. A guy who’s always ready to compete. A guy who wants to win and who’s willing to do anything he has to do to help this team win. You can’t really ask more from a quarterback.