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Chargers to apply for relocation to Los Angeles

Los Angeles football is heating up. On Friday, the San Diego Chargers stadium point person said the team will file an application to relocate to Los Angeles. The application window opens in January. The team will still consider San Diego options, but they are incredibly skeptical anything will get done.

The Chargers, Oakland Raiders and St. Louis Rams have all discussed the possibility of moving there, and the Chargers appear intent to get an early jump on market share in the region. The Chargers and Raiders are a long way from getting anything together in their respective markets. The Rams have worked up a stadium deal, but they have work to do in the voting and approval process.

The Chargers seem all but a lock to get to LA. There is still work to complete, but getting an application in will certainly be a big first step. I remain convinced the Raiders end up moving down to LA as well. There was talk of the Raiders and Chargers doing a joint stadium, but I am not entirely sure where that stands.

The 49ers would benefit from two teams in Los Angeles. Whether it be the Chargers and Rams or Chargers and Raiders, the NFC West would have a team that much closer for travel purposes. If it was the Raiders, I would not be surprised to see one of the two teams move over to the NFC West. And obviously, if it was the Rams, it would just move them that much closer. I'd be down for that!