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A lot of people would keep a puppy-sized spider over Jed York

Earlier this week, scientists apparently discovered a huge spider in the rain forest that is the size of a small dog and can puncture bone with its fangs. Click that link if you haven't had nearly enough nightmares lately.

I bring it up because someone came up with a pretty amazing poll. Apparently Twitter offers polls now, and someone asked whether or not you'd keep the puppy-sized spider or Jed York if you had to keep one of them. I don't know if I'm shocked, or not remotely surprised that puppy-sized spider is dominating the polling, with over 80 percent of the vote at publishing time for this article.

Personally, I said I'd rather keep York. As bad as things seem for the 49ers, I'll take that any day over having to deal with a puppy-sized spider.