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Jay Glazer: Colin Kaepernick 'on an island inside [49ers] locker room'

The San Francisco 49ers have numerous issues right now, and the quarterback position is one of them. Colin Kaepernick is struggling to find any sort of consistency, and questions about his confidence have arisen. He and teammates have denied there are any confidence issues, but reports continue to trickle out.

The latest comes from Jay Glazer. He discussed Kap on the FOX pre-game show, and talked about him having confidence issues, and being on an island in the locker room. You can watch the video above, but here is a quick transcription of the pertinent portion:

Usually when your quarterback, he's struggling confidence-wise, the entire locker room, they pick him. That's not his relationship in there. It's not like they don't like him, but he's just alone, on an island inside that locker room. There's not a lot of people he connects with that try and pick him back up.

I will say that I have heard similar comments second-hand, so I am not surprised this is coming out now. It is safe to say this is not the last time we'll hear comments of this sort in the media. There will be a fall guy for this disaster of a season, and I have a hunch Kap ends up being the guy getting the shove.