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2016 NFL Draft order: 49ers climb into the top ten

The San Francisco 49ers loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday Night Football was guaranteed to move them into at least the eleventh spot of the 2016 NFL Draft Order. Sunday is coming to a close, and it looks like they will climb at least into the top ten. Without factoring in the strength of schedule tie-breaker, it looks like the 49ers will hold no worse than the No. 9 pick when Sunday comes to a close.

The 49ers entered Sunday sitting at 2-5. Aside from the Seahawks Thursday win, two teams that were 2-4 improved to 3-4, and thus dropped behind the 49ers. The New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts, and Washington won a last-second stunner over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The rest of the teams that were 2-4, 1-4 or 1-5 all lost on Sunday.

Here is a rundown of an approximated top ten with results, not factoring in the strength of schedule. We should have strength of schedule in the next day or two. The Kansas City Chiefs had a stronger strength of schedule entering Sunday, but that number will change based on the various wins and losses around the league. For now, I conservatively listed the Chiefs at No. 8, and the 49ers at No. 9.

1. Detroit Lions (1-6) - lost to Minnesota Vikings
2. Tennessee Titans (1-5) - lost to Atlanta Falcons
3. Baltimore Ravens (1-5) - vs. Arizona Cardinals, Monday Night Football
4. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-5) - defeated Buffalo Bills
5. Houston Texans (2-5) - lost to Miami Dolphins
6. Cleveland Browns (2-5) - lost to St. Louis Rams
7. San Diego Chargers (2-5) - lost to Oakland Raiders
8. Kansas City Chiefs (2-5) - defeated Pittsburgh Steelers
9. San Francisco 49ers (2-5) - lost to Seattle Seahawks
10. Chicago Bears (2-4) - BYE
11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4) - lost to Washington
12. Dallas Cowboys (2-4) - lost to New York Giants