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How many games will the 49ers win this season?

The San Francisco 49ers season is looking pretty rough right now, and we are now taking a look at draft order implications of various games. The 49ers are underdogs against the St. Louis Rams this week, marking the first time that has been the case since 2010. They're just not playing remotely good football.

And so, it is time for another look at the 49ers schedule. How many games can they win the rest of the way? I don't think they'll be losing out, but the fact that it could even be considered with a remotely straight face tells us a lot. I do think they'll win some games. There is talent on this team, and they are facing some bad teams the rest of the way. But while plenty of the remaining games are certainly winnable, you could make an argument that they are all potential losses. The optimism has been beaten out of me!

Week 8: @ St. Louis Rams - Certainly winnable given the Rams inconsistency (particularly that of Nick Foles and Jeff Fisher as a coach), but that defense and Todd Gurley make this a tough one.

Week 9: vs. Atlanta Falcons - I would have said un-winnable previously, but the Falcons previously undefeated record covered up for a team that has a lot of issues. Their defense is questionable, and their offense can be inconsistent. Winnable, but I'm not overly enthused.

Week 11: @ Seattle Seahawks - Yea, I'm not overly optimistic about this one

Week 12: vs. Arizona Cardinals - The Cardinals are a tough team to figure out. For example, they should blow out the Baltimore Ravens on MNF tonight, but it would not shock me if that game was a lot closer than expected. I think this game is winnable given the home divisional nature of it, but kinda low on the winnable scale for now.

Week 13: @ Chicago Bears - Most definitely a winnable game, and it could end up real ugly.

Week 14: @ Cleveland Browns - Another winnable game, and another potentially ugly game.

Week 15: vs. Cincinnati Bengals - The "undefeated Bengals" is not something I expected to be saying through seven weeks, but they're looking decent. I don't think they'll be undefeated for this game, but this is low on the winnable scale right now.

Week 16: @ Detroit Lions - There's a decent chance this is a battle for significant draft position. Maybe a tie?

Week 17: vs. St. Louis Rams - Winnable, but I'm curious to see how the Rams continue to develop this season.