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Torrey Smith welcomes the challenge facing the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers 2015 season has been abysmal in most respects, and naturally there will be questions raised about the players. Are they getting angry, are they quitting on the team, how will this team hold up?

Torrey Smith is the most notable addition to the 49ers this year, and given his previous success in Baltimore, it is not surprising he is getting questions about whether he regrets his decision to join the 49ers. He had this to say over the weekend:

Naturally, someone mentioned that Smith could not say it publicly if he did regret it. His response:

And then on Sunday, he posted a picture of the 49ers practice facility on Instagram, with the caption "Can't wait to get back at it tomorrow....if it was easy everyone would do it #blessed".

Smith has always struck me as a guy with a good head on his shoulders. Based on his various off-field educational pursuits, he seems plenty intelligent. And generally speaking seems like a good guy. I think his second tweet adds something to the context of his first tweet, but who knows. Of course, he has financially set at this point in his life, and he's got a beautiful wife and son. I don't think he's fine just saying, well, at least I have family and money. But it certainly does not hurt.

I do think he embraces the challenge, but I have to think there is, or will be some frustration at some point. I think he'll handle it in a professional manner, but we'll see what the rest of this season brings across the entire roster.