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Golden Nuggets: Kap, Seahawks, prepping for Todd Gurley

49ers links for Monday, October 16, 2015.

Good morning! The San Francisco 49ers return for another game week, as they begin preparations for their Week 8 matchup at the St. Louis Rams. The team is 2-5, and they are struggling to do anything against decent football teams. The Rams are not a great team, but they entered the season with a quality defense, and now they have Todd Gurley doing some nasty things on the field. I'm not enthused about this one.

Sunday started quiet and turned noisy in a hurry. During the FOX pre-game show, Jay Glazer reported Colin Kaepernick was "on an island" in the 49ers locker room. That was later followed by a report from Bay Area Sports Guy that a love triangle between Kap, Aldon Smith and Nessa has led to some issues. I had heard that rumor elsewhere, but never been able to confirm it. Normally I'd say that kind of gossip doesn't matter, but given the problems on this team, if a personal relationship is leading to locker room complications, it is at least worth considering. I'd prefer it not be true, but at this point, who knows what to make of everything. True or not, it's not a good time for the 49ers.

On to the links!

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