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Aldon Smith throwing shade on Twitter

As the San Francisco 49ers season implodes, things only seem to be getting worse. Sunday saw a report from Jay Glazer that Colin Kaepernick is on an island in the locker room. That was followed by Kyle McLorg reporting at BASG that a love triangle between Kap, Aldon Smith and Smith's ex-girlfriend Nessa were at the center of some of the tension. That rumor has been going around, but BASG is the first Bay Area media site to write about it.

And now, Aldon Smith is throwing some shade. It could be something unrelated to Colin Kaepernick and/or the 49ers, but given the timing, it is hard to think otherwise. And it is safe to say this will not be going away anytime soon. Fun times in 49ers land these days!

Aldon Smith tweet