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Mark Schlereth rips 49ers offensive line

The San Francisco 49ers have numerous issues, and the offensive line has been a notable one. Whatever your thoughts on Colin Kaepernick, the offensive line has not done him any favors.

Fooch's note: If the Schlereth video is not showing, hit refresh. If it does not show then, click here.

ESPN's Mark Schlereth spoke about the 49ers offensive line in no uncertain terms in the video above. That right side of the line remains a train wreck. Marcus Martin actually graded out at PFF with a +0.2, which marks the second time they have given him a positive grade in 15 starts, so that's something. PFF graded Erik Pears at -5.1, and Jordan Devey at -3.7. Andrew Tiller graded out at -1.8, but had a positive grade in pass protection.

We've heard chatter about potential changes, but the team continues rolling out the same starting offensive line. Tiller is getting plenty of opportunities, but the 49ers just keep on rolling out the rotation. At some point, don't they need to just make the switch to Tiller full-time?

The other question is how long they stick with Erik Pears. He has had some moments where he is decent, but that is shrouded by inconsistency. At some point, does the team give Trenton Brown a shot out at right tackle? Or is the team content to just keep rolling out the same mess and hope something changes?