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NFL trade deadline: Aside from Vernon Davis, who else could 49ers put on the market?

The NFL trade deadline is one week away, set for 1 p.m. PT Tuesday, November 3. The San Francisco 49ers season has quickly turned into a train wreck through seven games. Jim Tomsula has said the team will continue fighting for a playoff spot, but I would think Trent Baalke and Jed York would recognize the futility of the season at some point. I could be wrong about that inference, but that is seemingly logical.

If the 49ers lose again on Sunday to the Rams, they will drop to 2-6, and 0-3 in the division. They will not be mathematically eliminated from anything for a while now, but for all intents and purposes, their season will be over. The game is two days before the trade deadline, so it is certainly possible Trent Baalke could be hitting the phones hard leading up to Tuesday afternoon.

Vernon Davis has been the primary name mentioned as a potential trade candidate. He is a free agent after this season, and has little value to the 49ers moving forward. His trade value is not particularly high, but I would think the 49ers could maybe get a late day three pick.

Beyond that, Ahmad Brooks is another logical candidate. A team in need of pass rush might decide he's worth adding. The 49ers would roll up his prorated signing bonus as dead money, and there would not be a long-term commitment for another team. If he's productive they could keep him, if not, they could cut him with no cap implications.

Other than that, who else could you see as a trade candidate? Glenn Dorsey makes sense. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing Anquan Boldin dealt to a team with a chance to make some noise this year. The idea that he would waste away this year with a bad team like the 49ers is a little disheartening.

Other than that, who else would be on a short list for a deal between now and next Tuesday? The NFL trade deadline is usually fairly quiet compared to other sports, but maybe the 49ers get some business done.