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Daniel Kilgore continues rehab, unlikely to return to practice this week

Will we see Daniel Kilgore back in action this season? My guess is no, but maybe things progress a bit more.

The San Francisco 49ers continue to work with Daniel Kilgore on his rehab, but it will be a bit longer before he returns to the practice field. Jim Tomsula met with the media on Wednesday, and he said Kilgore is unlikely to be activated to the practice field this week. Tomsula said that at this point Kilgore is pushing sleds and the trainers are filming that to assess things. He used the phrase "amped up" in describing the work, but did not go into more detail on what is next in the process.

If the 49ers continue to struggle, it will be interesting to see if the team decides to shut down Kilgore. He had a second notable surgery back in June, which delayed his return to the field. The 49ers have another month to activate his practice window. If they do not in that time, they have to put him on season-ending injured reserve.

I do find myself growing a little more skeptical that Kilgore ends up active for this season. That feeling comes in part from the wait on getting him on the practice field, so I could be off-base with it. But with the team struggling, and Kilgore coming off a pretty significant injury, it just would not surprise me if we do not see him on the field this year.