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Jim Tomsula says he does not believe leaks coming from within 49ers organization

Jim Tomsula met met with San Francisco 49ers media Wednesday afternoon, and he got his first chance to speak to them about Jay Glazer's report that Colin Kaepernick is "on an island" in the locker room. He spoke about the report briefly in a KNBR interview (transcript), but this time he got significant follow-up questions on the topic.

Tomsula again shot down the report that Colin Kaepernick is on an island. He acknowledged it would be a concern if the reports were coming from within the 49ers organization, but he also said he did not think the leaks were coming from either the locker room or the front office.

I don't think any of this is a really surprise. Whether he thinks it is actually the case or not, it's not like he would come out and say he thinks it is coming from within. It'd be amusing to get a Mike Singletary-esque comment about rats in the building, but that's just not going to happen anytime soon.

And so, we're left with the team just rolling along in its apparent state of dysfunction. These next two weeks could prove critical in how this whole story plays out. If the 49ers manage to split the two games, the reports might quiet a little bit. If they lose both, I have to think this will heat up heading into the bye week.

The drama is far from over.