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Golden Nuggets: We have entered uncharted waters

Your 49ers links for Saturday, October 3

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Morning, everybody! One more day until we get to see how a Harbaugh-less Colin Kaepernick can fare against a very deadly Green Bay offense. This has been the weirdest week and I'll certainly feel better once the game gets going on Sunday.

Pat's Thought of the Week:

Thanks a lot, Jim Tomsula. I put my neck out there for you, I endorse you as NOT Mike Singletary 2.0. This is the gratitude I receive? That game against Arizona? Beat the Packers. Don't do it for your job, or to prove Kap is not what we think. Do it for me. You owe me after I embarrassed myself last week by endorsing you and giving you credit. I take it very personally when I put myself out there to pick you up.

Seriously, what a 180 that was. That press conference following the game was disturbing, as were the ones throughout the week. We're a work in progress? This offense isn't a drop back offense? Really? The comic relief was how many times Geep Chryst said we were in uncharted waters. Look, I'm going to withhold judgment until we're halfway through the season, but like many of you, I find a lot of this concerning. I've said it before and I'll say it again: It's not that we have lost games, it's HOW we've lost games.

As far as Kaepernick is concerned, he had a really bad game. While I won't write him off, dude needs to get his mojo going. We've seen even the great Steve Young get face planted before getting his act together and taking the team to a Super Bowl. Not that I'm optimistic, but I can't unload on Kaepernick after one bad game. Arizona is really, really good and the playcalling to start the San Francisco offense wasn't exactly creative. In any case, it's a long season everybody, stay faithful...yeah I know it's kind of hard to at this point.

Here's the links:

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Jarryd Hayne gets asked some dumb questions. This is one of them: Jarryd Hayne asked if Aussie accent is popular San Francisco women during radio interview

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What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse...