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Questing to Madden 16 perfection: 49ers vs. Packers

Our undefeated attempt continues into Green Bay. What issues will this Packers team cause us?

I've learned one thing in the Madden franchise I've done: The more trouble I have, the easier of a time the 49ers have in real life.

Thankfully, I had a few issues with Green Bay. It wasn't anything really Madden-ish, Aaron Rodgers just threw on me, but I didn't beat the Packers in the first attempt. Now to be fair, it wasn't on the level of the Minnesota Vikings, but it still took me a few tries.

Before we go any further, I've noticed there's a bit of a question regarding a 86 yard TD pass I had last week that was on the 49ers 20 yard line. I just want to address this real quick: given how many attempts i anticipate, I don't look at hard yardage markers. So while I may have said "The 20 yard line." I very well could have been on the 16 yard line and just not thinking when I said it. It also could be based on Kaepernick's drop-backs. In any case, given the pass was 86 yards, I very well could have said the 20 yard line and not mentioned a sack or something else to even the numbers out. Now that that's out of the way, here we go!

Attempt 1:

Green Bay received and Aaron Rodgers proceeded to carve me. It didn't really matter what I did, Green Bay got 1st down after 1st down until slinging it into the end zone.

The offense didn't do much better. After taking two sacks, Kaepernick managed to have a pass go through Anquan Boldin's hands, leaving me with a punt and another drive to put the game at 14-0.

At this point, and given who's quarterbacking Green Bay, I reset the game.

Attempt 2:

The niners received into what was another 3 and out, thanks to a pourus O-line that gave me only 1 second to press a button before getting sacked. The packers again stormed down the field, leading to Eddie Lacey running it in for a touchdown...on 20 yards.

After Kaepernick fumbled the ball on the next series, on the 20 yard line no less, Aaron Rodgers connected with Randall Cobb for another TD. Great.

Following this I reset again.

Attempt 3:

On 3rd and 4 Aaron Rodgers threw a pick Shareece Wright. Given the person who did this, and the quarterback throwing, I felt guilty even continuing this game and reset it again. I can win, and I can win without this crap happening. Rodgers would never throw a pick to Shareece Wright, let alone a pick 6. I can't win like that.

Attempt 4:

The niners recieved and proceeded with a long drive that consisted entirely of Carlos Hyde and ended with a Torrey Smith touchdown. The Packers, oddly enough couldn't capitolize and wound up punting after only a single 1st down.

Colin Kaepernick aired the ball out, while using Carlos Hyde to convert two 4th downs (from inches and 2 yards respectively), leading to another 49ers touchdown on 1st and goal with 10 seconds left in the half.

Aaron Rodgers again started his ruthless aggression at the start of the second half, leading to a Randall Cobb touchdown to put the Packers within 7.

A three and out to the niners gave the Packers the ball back and they slowly crawled down the field with Eddie Lacey's help. Lacey also punched it in for the Packers to tie the score up.

Unfortunately, with only a few minutes to go in the 4th quarter, Carlos Hyde went Juggernaut and took the niners singlehandedly down the field within field goal range and 4 seconds left. That was enough to win the game.

Quick Observations:

The Packers like to blitz and pressure the opposing QB. A lot. A majority of Colin Kaepernick's struggles were courtesy of one Clay Matthews. I'd look for my guy to throw to and get Kap's clocked cleaned before I release the ball.

Carlos Hyde was the Juggernaut: All this guy needs to do in these situations is scream "I'M THE JUGGERNAUT!" In the winning attempt, Hyde posted over 100 yards and took the Packers defense to school.

Good luck with long passes. I couldn't complete anything over 15 yards, though I was left with good yards after catch.

Overall, if we want to play superstition: I've been hinting at, having four attempts against this Packers team probably means we will at least be in this game.

Well, one can hope.