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Quest to Madden 16 Perfection: Week 8

Our next game in going undefeated in Madden brings the gods of the game: The Rams?

The Rams are apparently Madden gods. I'm not sure how the game regards them as absolutely amazing, but it's ridiculous. So many plays were ended by a linebacker deflecting a pass halfway to its target by not even jumping. If it wasn't for the fact console controllers are so expensive nowadays, I probably would have broken one in frustration, though I came close.

I don't get how the Vikings and the Rams have caused me issues. I just don't get how those two teams do this. In any case, let me show you how my sanity began to weaken.

Attempt 1:

This attempt taught me one thing: Don't blitz Nick Foles. Don't do it. Because he always beats it. Not only that, he'll bounce off Ahmad Brooks. It also taught me to not even think of throwing against that defense. Why? Because somehow the corners keep up with the wide outs EVERY PLAY. After a pair of interceptions in the 2nd quarter that were mostly me being a bonehead, I reset. The only silver lining from this game? I know the Rams aren't this good in real life.

Attempt 2:

In this failure, I managed to score first...after 3 interceptions and with a minute left in the 2nd quarter. Of those interceptions, only 2 were in the targeted receiver's zip code. The other two were thrown so badly and so off target you think the game updated the stats in our franchise mode (no they didn't).

In other news, Nick Foles again could beat a blitz anytime I tried it and when he wasn't doing it, Tre Mason of all people was juking around the line for big gains. The game managed to kick it into overtime, thanks largely in part to them having the entire line crowded even though I ran a run play on 2nd and 15. Whatever. In overtime, Foles made a throw to triple coverage to get a touchdown. And people think Madden is accurate.

Attempt 3:

Thankfully, only 10 minutes of my life were wasted rather than 24. Again the game's rubber band made quick work of my defense and on my one blitz call (come on, I had to!), Foles found Kenny Britt for about 40 yards and a touchdown. The offense didn't do much better after that, since Kaepernick did his throws to the stands all over again. Reset.

Attempt 4:

It only took two series: A Nick Foles passing drive, and a Colin Kaepernick interception on the 49ers 30 yard line to put me at 14 to nothing for a reset.

Attempt 5:

This was just ugly. After receiving a kickoff, I managed to nail Torrey Smith 50 yards down the field and then kick a field goal a few plays later. The Rams (surprisingly) couldn't do much of anything and left us going back and forth the whole game. I really want to give details of what I did, but besides muffing a field goal (thanks to the game, not me), there wasn't anything to jot down.

The game went into overtime and oddly enough, I triggered a glitch by kicking a field goal at the 2 minute warning in overtime. What was the glitch? The Rams never got the ball (overtime rules state if the team with the first possession kicks a field goal, the other team gets a chance). If this isn't a glitch, I'm sure I'll hear about it, but either way: I win. I don't really care if I took advantage of a glitch to win, the game was doing everything in its power to sabotage me. I have no qualms walking away from this, unlike when I reset the game on a Aaron Rodgers pick 6 to Shareece Wright a few games back.

Final Thoughts:

So, the Rams defense is basically a brick wall. The offense, against me was ho-hum. Either gashing me in an attempt or letting me go until the final minutes of the game. Either way, it was pretty un-Rams like. I guarentee if my TV screen wasn't so fragile or my controller wasn't so expensive, I'd have broken a controller in how ridiculous these games were. I don't mind getting beat, but I was getting beat by Colin Kaepernick's passes being magnitised to Rams defenders. It really made no sense.

I'm anxious how the simulation is going to work out.