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Simulation Saturday: 49ers vs. Rams on Madden 16

Here is your simulation for 49ers/Rams

If you read my post on my playthrough against the Rams, you'd know they are Madden gods, for whatever the reason. I haven't seen more strange things than when I play St. Louis. It really makes no sense  they are this game breaking, especially when they are ranked 84 and are 2-5 in our franchise mode. In any case, the game loves these guys, and I'm only going to assume without me to ruin the game's plans, this  could get ugly in a hurry. Let's see how our offense does against one of the better defenses in the league.

Note: Carlos Hyde (49ers) and Chris Long (Rams) are both removed

1st Quarter:

The 49ers received and traded series with the Rams, doing nothing on both possessions. After a shanked punt by Bradley Pinion, the Rams completed a single pass of 7 yards and then proceeded to run Todd Gurley and Tre Mason down the field for a quick rushing touchdown with a minute left.

Score 7-0, Rams

The 49ers were left with another 3 and out and punted back to the Rams to end the quarter.

2nd Quarter:

With the second play of the quarter, on 2nd and 10, the Rams rushed Tre Mason 55 yards for a touchdown.

Score 14-0, Rams

The 49ers managed to get two 1st downs before punting the ball away. On the Rams possession, a big hit by Quinton Dial forced a fumble on Nick Foles, unfortunately it was recovered by the Rams. The Niners defense stayed with it and forced another punt.

The following drive did a whole lot of nothing, since the Niners punted the ball back after three plays. Nick Foles proceeded to connect with Kenny Britt 3 times in a row to go down the field and nailed Tre Mason for a touchdown. I have no problem believing any of this.

Score 21-0, Rams

Blaine Gabbert hit the field. No, I'm not joking. I'm not sure if there was an injury I missed or what was going on, but Gabbert took some snaps. He didn't do much better than Kaepernick, going 3 and out and handing the ball back to the Rams. That closed out the quarter.

3rd Quarter:

The Rams failed at going anywhere and punted the ball to the 49ers after a 3 and out to start the 2nd half. Not like that did anything, Blaine Gabbert connected with no one and basically let the 49ers punt the ball back.

Foles nailed Jared Cook and Kenny Britt for some huge gains, but got stopped there and had to settle for a field goal.

Score 24-0, Rams

On the next possession, Blaine Gabbert managed to fumble the ball away on the 49ers 30 yard line for the Rams to recover. All it took was a Kenny Britt touchdown after to make us realize our offense really, really sucks.

Score 31-0, Rams

The Niners took the ball and got a few rushes for a few yards to close out the quarter.

4th Quarter:

Blaine Gabbert couldn't get much of anything going and while he managed a single 1st down thanks to a Jarryd Hayne run, the Niners punted. Again. On the ensuing drive, the Rams ran, ran, RAN, until they were squashed by the 49er defense, leading to a field goal attempt that was missed. Not bad, unfortunately we only need 31 points in roughly three minutes.

You can guess what happened: Gabbert led us to another 3 and out and the Rams got the ball back. The 49er defense showed up (finally) and forced a 3 and out, however Blaine Gabbert threw an interception to John Laurinaitis that put an end to any sort of touchdown we may get. The Rams proceeded to take a knee and we get the shutout.

Final Score 31-0, Rams

Sadly enough, I have no problem believing this score. That St. Louis defense is no joke, and I think the offense, while bad, isn't near as bad as some people want to assume. This game could get ugly quick with that 49er offensive line.To further twist this knife, the 49ers only manged 43 passing yards. I wish I was kidding.

I hope you guys have the Rams defense in fantasy...