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Former Philadelphia mayor suggests Eagles trade Sam Bradford for Colin Kaepernick

Yep, ex-politicians are weighing in now. Good times!

The San Francisco 49ers have questions to answer with their quarterback, so why not enjoy the random musings of a former Philadelphia politician? Former Philadelphia mayor and Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell was on a talk radio show recently, and amidst his preview of the last Republican primary debate, he discussed the state of the Philadelphia Eagles. He apparently has provided some Eagles insight for Philly's CSN station, so clearly he's qualified!

Rendell thinks Sam Bradford is not the answer, and the Eagles would be better off trading for Colin Kaepernick.

"One thing is clear, Sam Bradford is not, in my judgement, the quarterback of the future for the Eagles. What I would like to see us get at the end of the year, I'm told that San Francisco is going to be looking to trade [quarterback Colin] Kaepernick and I think in Chip Kelly's system, Kaepernick could be the perfect quarterback because he can run."

I don't think it takes a genius to realize Bradford is not the Eagles quarterback of the future, but I have a hunch Rendell has not watched much of Colin Kaepernick's performances in recent weeks. He knows the name, he recalls some of the big performances, and that's reason enough to make the deal.

All that being said, if there was one team I could see actually willing to make a deal for Kap before Tuesday's trade deadline, it would be the Eagles. Chip Kelly has rolled the dice on all sorts of roster moves, and Kap could very well be a guy who fits into his system. Of course, with the Eagles scuffling along at 3-4, I don't know if Kelly would have quite the support to make a fairly huge move. And considering Kap would be on the books for $11.9 million in base salary, up to $2 million in roster bonus money, and $400,000 in workout bonus money. The Eagles would not be on the hook for his pro-rated signing bonus, which would be $2,465,753 each of the next three seasons. If Kelly and company think he could work well in the offense, it actually might not be the worst idea in the world for them.

I don't actually think a deal will happen before Tuesday. Something could potentially happen next offseason before April 1, but even that would surprise me. Kelly's moves have no worked out overly well for the Eagles, and I don't know that he has the cache to make what would be a pretty high profile trade.

But we can always enjoy random ex-politicians entertaining us with their thoughts. Maybe someone can get Willie Brown on the horn.