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Get pumped for 49ers-Packers!

Bleak or not, it's time to get pumped

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Afternoon everyone! We got the Packers this week, a team many of us loathe and a win that we absolutely need. This is an old-school rivalry for me and it's time to get pumped. MUSIC!

It's an old-school rivalry, we need an old school song to go with it. While most of the NES library's music leaves something to be desired, Sunsoft did something with their sound syncs that is jaw dropping.I actually never even heard of this game until a week ago. For the curious, it was originally supposed to be a licensed game based on The Terminator. Sunsoft lost the license to LJN (and that game was awful), patched up the code a bit and gave us this.

Post your gifs and anything else here and let's get ourselves pumped up. Well, as much as we can for this game anyways.

Got a song you want us to use? Post it below and we'll take a listen.