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Aaron Rodgers runs around a bunch before first touchdown pass

The San Francisco 49ers defense looked like it was in good shape on the Green Bay Packers opening drive. An incompletion and a stop of Eddie Lacy set up a third and long. The 49ers busted up the middle and seemed to have Aaron Rodgers sacked. Unfortunately an illegal contact penalty on Michael Wilhoite saved Green Bay.

And as Aaron Rodgers is wont to do, he made the 49ers defense pay for the mistake. Rodgers moved the Packers down the field with precision, setting a 2nd and 8 on the 49ers 9-yard line. After the snap, the 49ers got some pressure, and seemed to have some good coverage. Unfortunately, they could not get enough pressure. After rolling around, Rodgers found tight end Richard Rodgers in the end zone. Rodgers was in the back of the end zone, having spun back on Antoine Bethea to get open.

When Rodgers is doing this kind of thing, what the hell is a secondary going to do?