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Clay Matthews to Colin Kaepernick: 'You ain't Russell Wilson, bro'

The San Francisco 49ers lost 17-3 to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, and the offense carried over its abysmal performance from Week 3. Colin Kaepernick tried to get the ground game going, but there were just not enough lanes for him to find space.

Clay Matthews had to enjoy the slight bit of redemption. He and the rest of the Packers defense has struggled in the past to contain a scrambling Kap. On Sunday, they contained him, and they made sure to let him know about it. In the video above, after Kap scrambled and slid, you can hear Matthews say, "You ain't Russell Wilson, bro."

Kap was held to 20 yards on eight carries, and so the victors do get to crow. It is amusing Matthews would mention Wilson considering the Seahawks beat them in the NFC title game, but whatever works, I suppose.

Whatever the case, things are not good right now for this offense. Colin Kaepernick is struggling to do anything with consistency. He has looked good running in spots, and he has made the occasional nice throw. But those have generally been exceptions rather than the norm of his performance. It's not a good time right now in 49ers land.