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Let's try and laugh, just a little. Again

Anger seems to have been filtered out of my body due to the fact I've accepted that this is what we are. I think being pissed about what our team has become is redundant.  I'm not angry  at our team, our coaching staff, or our front office.

I'm frustrated.

Frustrated because what I saw today was a very talented squad. Waves upon waves of talent pouring on that team, and a coaching staff that may or may not be competant, doesn't know how to play to that team's strengths for us to win. Players running into other players. Wide open pass catchers tight ends Vance McDonald dropping a pass a 3 year old could and should make in that situation.

When the defense is put in the right position, they are deadly. That defense gave up 17 points. To Aaron Rodgers. I'll take that, especially with how young they are. Aaron Lynch looks like one of the few great picks we've had. But then they'd call boneheaded plays like throwing the entire line on the left side to open a hole up for a very mobile quarterback. What do you expect to happen?

Regardless, I know a few of you are beyond frustrated, you're angry, pissed off, and the sad part is, there's nothing we can do, but laugh. Laugh at Jed York, laugh at our woes, laugh at our coaching staff.

Ok, we can't laugh at any of that, but we can certainly laugh at this video! Nothing's more funny than seeing random RKOs getting thrown around.At least, I hope it gets a single laugh.

Don't let this game ruin your week. We're 1/4 done with the season. And life is much better now than when there is no football.