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Jim Tomsula again takes the blame for 49ers loss

The San Francisco 49ers head coach is quick to take the blame for the team struggles. I'm not sure if that is really helping at this point, but I suppose it is better than pointing fingers in the media. Here's a full transcript of Jim Tomsula's press conference. You can also listen to audio here, and view video here.

Opening comments:

"[WR Quinton] Patton's getting checked for a concussion there at the end of the game, so that's the injury report. That's all I have in terms of that. Came up short, didn't get it done. The Green Bay Packers played a heck of a football game, and we didn't match it in all three phases. We felt like defensively the guys took a step. Offensively, obviously, we've got to get some things ironed out."

Offensively, a lot of really bad body language, I'm sure you talked to some players. Is this a fractured team right now?

"No, it's not fractured. I think there's a little frustration there, but not fractured at all. No. Offensively, we have some problems there that we've got to get fixed. That starts with me. It's the coaching staff, and we've got to get that straightened out right away. 

But, you do feel like everybody is pulling in the right direction?

"Yeah, I do. Yes, I do."

You guys signed WR Torrey Smith in the offseason, but really only one downfield pass to him and it came at the very end of the game.

"We had one on the other side too. There were two downfield. Our intentions were to get downfield. We need a little bit more time."

Is that a factor of time or is it a factor of the quarterback just choosing to go short or the game plan? Or all of those?

"I think it's everything. Offensively, we've got to improve in all areas."                       

QB Colin Kaepernick made some really just curious throws. I mean, I look at some of them and think this is a guy who may have lost his confidence. What did you see today? Is he lacking in confidence?

"No. I don't think he's lacking confidence. That's not the way I would term it. But, we've got to, collectively on offense, we've got to have 11 people going in the same direction, at all times."

The first series of the third quarter you guys put together a first down. You were only four points behind, 3-and-11 and RB Reggie Bush gets a handoff into the middle. What was the play call and why was that call made?

"That was a schematic thing on 3-and-11, backed up right there. So, what we were trying to do, they were bringing a lot of zeros (all out blitzes). We were obviously having a hard time getting that blocked up, so trying to split the zeros with an explosive guy."

What would it take for you to consider a quarterback change and where are you on that?

"Won't even go into that discussion. It's not on my mind."

Is eight carries for RB Carlos Hyde, is that something --?

"No, that's not what we want. But, we have to play a complete game. We have to be able to throw the ball. We have to be able to protect. We've got to be able to do those things and stay into an offense that is in rhythm."

What did you say to the team after the game? This is your third loss in a row. A lot of these guys have never had three losses in a row.

"No, ma'am. Keep your chin up and we're not into the moral victories."

You've lost three in a row, when do you begin to think that this is a rebuilding year?

"Quite honestly, I don't know when that would come. It's not there now. I know that we have 12 games to play and we need to play them. So, I'm not thinking in that direction at all, sir."

Why wasn't RB Reggie Bush more involved in the pass game out of the backfield? Was he healthy enough to do so?

"Yes, sir, he was healthy enough to do so. We were holding some people in to try to block, too."

WR Torrey Smith came off the field, looked pretty upset, relatively early --.

"Early. Earlier in the game. Yeah"

So, did you have to talk to him?

"And, again, when you say frustration. Quite honestly, right there you run that route and you feel really good about the route you ran, but you're not standing back there with the ball in your hand trying to get around a 3-technique. That's the deal. I don't know that it's frustration at an individual or frustration in a - ‘God we've got to get this right."

Are you concerned that his teammates might be losing faith in Kap?

"No, ma'am."

You alluded to the fact that if you can't pass protect, you can't do other things with the offensive line, it kind of compromises what you can do on offense --?

"And, I'm not dumping on the whole offensive line either."

Understood, but at some point you're four games in, are you looking at different combinations, thinking about a personnel change?

"Yeah, I won't comment on any of that in the media."

Defensively, could you have expected a whole lot more than what you did, holding Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers to two touchdowns and --?

"With a defensive mind, if we score three they need to score none. But, the effort that went into the defense, the way we played on defense, the way the guys played, how hard they played. We can see a lot of improvement there."

In terms of the pass protection, ongoing problem, how much of the responsibly do you think Colin bears in that?

"I think the responsibility goes to me. That's what I think. I have to get everybody in a position to be successful. That's my job and obviously right now I'm not. So, I need to make sure that I put people in the position to be successful."

Does Colin give you the best chance to win right now despite everything else that's going on?

"Yes sir."

How do you move forward and solve or reduce this frustration?

"You don't go around these things, you go right through them. So, lock your jaw and keep going."

What's your biggest challenge right now as the head coach of this team?

"Getting this team in the position to win. That's what I need to get done. That's where I'm falling short."