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49ers-Packers recap: Is the team fractured?

It was a game that was with in reach until the last quarter of the game. Can the team pull it together or will the frustration continue to hamper their production?

The San Francisco 49ers dropped to 1-3, as they were defeated by the Green Bay Packers 17-3. The 49ers were still in the game deep into the second half, which was a move in the right direction after the dismantling they went through in Arizona. Still, frustration due to the lack of offensive production was evident on the field and it carried over into the locker room.

Both Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith were seen outwardly upset on camera throughout the game. Members of the media started to gather around Boldin's locker as he slowly got dressed. He quietly and calmly said "I don't mean to be rude, but I have nothing to say." Shortly after this, Carlos Hyde apparently didn't want to speak to the media either, and walked out of the locker room before being brought back in by the 49ers PR staff.

Is this locker room fractured? Head coach Jim Tomsula:

No, it's not fractured. I think there's a little frustration there but not fractured at all. No. Offensively, we have some problems there that we've got to get fixed. That starts with me. It's the coaching staff, and we've got to get that straightened out right away.

In regards to Torrey Smith, who came off the field visually frustrated early in the game:

And again, when you say frustration, quite honestly, right there you run that route and you feel really good about the route you ran but you're not standing back there with the ball in your hand trying to get around a 3 - technique. That's the deal. I don't know that it's frustration at an individual or frustration in a - 'God we've got to get this right.'

Torrey Smith had this to say about his potential to get open but no time to get the ball to him:

I feel like that every play. We have to get it together as a unit. When we have one-on-one match ups we have to be able to take advantage of it and protect up front. It's not always the offensive line's fault. It's not always Kap's fault. We have our own problems outside so we have to be in synch on those plays to make it happen.

Tomsula can keep taking the blame but how long before the discontent boils over? Players not wanting to answer questions after the game speaks volumes about how they are really feeling. Boldin is a veteran player on a young team where leadership is paramount. I'm not saying that Hyde was following Boldin's example but their lockers are fairly close together and he tried to walk out moments after Boldin's singular comment. Hyde's first comment once back in front of the media was "I'm not frustrated. It's all good. I'm just doing my job." Hyde only had eight carries for 20 yards.

Is this team fixable? The cliche "Winning cures all" comes to mind but it doesn't get any easier this week with travel to the East Coast to play the New York Giants. Who are the leaders on the offense? Boldin, who is clearly frustrated and angry? Does Joe Staley, who everyone likes, have what it takes to motivate the team through adversity? The defense has NaVorro Bowman and Antoine Bethea as the natural leaders that the team looks to for leadership and guidance. Who will step up? The offense needs to find a leader, and quick, or the downward spiral will continue.