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Jimmy Johnson, Terry Bradshaw weigh in Colin Kaepernick's offensive struggles

Yesterday on the FOX panel, Jimmy Johnson weighed in on the issues Colin Kaepernick is having  and the resulting problems with the offense as a whole. Terry Bradshaw made a good point later as well. While I usually take what analysts, even NFL veterans have to say with a grain of salt because they usually aren't in the facility and knowing the whole story, I have to say Johnson makes a good argument.

While a bad game here or there, especially with the offseason/youth this team has is definitely not grounds for benching a signal caller, Kaepernick is definitely going to start feeling the scrutiny in the coming weeks, his fault or not. It's eerily reminiscent of the Alex Smith debacle right before Jim Harbaugh arrived to turn his career around.

I'm not too sure if benching Kaepernick is really the right call at this point because of the repercussions. I do think that's a road there's no coming back from for this coaching staff. You might get a few good games out of Blaine Gabbert, but that's only until teams get film on his work in the San Francisco offense and shut him down. Given the season the 49ers are having, it seems better to weather the storm at least a couple more games before going to that option. It also could lead to the final nail in the coffin for the coaching staff if they play Gabbert and realize they made a mistake and flip back to Kaepernick--due to the fact there could be some resentment for the benching in the first place.Anyone else remember that quarterback carousel in the final moments of Mike Singletary's tenure?

So I guess I'm not really in either camp, I just weigh the options. What do you think needs to be done? Should they bench Kap for Gabbert? Go pick up another quarterback? Or should they leave things the way they are?