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49ers-Packers recap: Defensive player transcripts

The San Francisco 49ers defense put together a pretty solid effort in the Week 4 loss to the Green Bay Packers. We'll be spending a lot of time breaking down the offensive problems, but they deserve a boost. Here are transcripts of what some of them said after the game.

The San Francisco 49ers defense put together a strong performance after being much-maligned the last two weeks. David Neumann will be bringing down the unit now that we are a quarter of the way through the season. But for now, here is what a few of the defensive players had to say. You can view a few additional player videos here.

CB Kenneth Acker
Postgame Quotes - October 4, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

We saw at one point that CB Keith Reaser was playing linebacker. Was that a new wrinkle specifically installed for this game?

"Keith is a versatile player. You could see a lot of the DBs playing around. When we were coming into the season, I think that was one of the big things that coach stressed, that we had guys that could play a lot of roles. I wouldn't be surprised if you saw him there again."

They scored a touchdown on that first drive. How did you guys stop it from being like, ‘here we go again'? It had the makings of a bit of a blowout but you guys obviously buckled down.

"I feel like, as a defense as a whole, we kept the mentality the whole time that we were in the game. It wasn't about looking at the scoreboard or anything. They got a couple plays here and there, but if we would've got a play at one point we could've changed the game. Really, we just went out there every drive and it was like it was 0-0. We weren't looking at the scoreboard for any points or anything. We were just playing our game."

On some of those plays does it seem like you're covering those guys forever? Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is able to buy time like no one else in the game.

"Yeah, that's his game. You know that at some point you're going to get to him, which we did. The D-line did a really good job of getting pressure in his face, but you know at some point he's going to get open, and that's why he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league."

The long pass down the sideline to Packers WR James Jones, were you surprised the ball was there?

"I mean, surprised the ball was there? No. I was surprised it was still in bounds, actually. I thought I was pretty close to the out of bounds line. But that was my fault; I have to find the ball. It was one of those where you just say Aaron Rodgers made a good play. He got open and I was trying to find the receiver and the ball at the same time. It's something that I've done before, caught that interception before, and it's something that I definitely have to get better at because I didn't pick it."

LB NaVorro Bowman
Press Conference - October 4, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

After giving up a lot of points in the last two weeks, you hold the Green Bay Packers and QB Aaron Rodgers to 17 points. As a leader of that defense, how do you feel about this performance coming out of this?

"I feel good, I think we definitely took a step in the right way as a defense, but we would like to get the win."

Is this game plan specific to the Green Bay Packers, or do you think that overall your defense plays better when you're doing more man-to-man and less blitzing like you did today?

"I don't know. I leave that to the coaches. We as players, we come to work, we get the game plan, we practice throughout the week and we try to get on the same page and just go out there and execute it. The coaches do the scouting reports and they get us in the positions for us to make the best plays."

Were you guys on the same page more than you had been? Were things a little bit simplified in what you tried to do defensively?

"I mean, it's the fourth game. Like I've been saying, we're young, we have a new coaching staff here so it was going to take a few games for us. Facing a quarterback like [Green Bay Packers QB] Aaron [Rodgers], knowing that he's going to come in prepared and ready, I think we had a little bit more focus on that, just trying to make sure all the way up to the game that we were on the same page, and I think that showed today."

Is there any desperation setting in at 1-3, or are people looking at it as still a long season?

"I don't think any desperation is setting in. We're in this together. We keep saying that we win together, we lose together, and we'll get it right. I have faith that we will get it right and it's a great team. We all put the work in. We just have to get on the same page on both sides of the ball. I really, really believe that we will."

You talked Friday about, just as a defense, worrying about what you could control, not worrying about external factors. Did you do a better job you think as a whole as a defense of that today?

"Yeah, I mean, I don't know. We went out there and played as a defense. I don't think that we were worried about what the offense was doing. I think we as a defense, it's not like we've been perfect over the past three weeks. So we as a defense had a chip on our shoulder also to go out there and play well."

You had experience playing against Aaron Rodgers before. Did you have any input into the defense with Defensive Coordinator Eric Mangini or do you leave it all up to the coaches?

"A little bit. Whatever I see on the film and things like that, I try to give that and relay it to guys who haven't played against him as much as I have, but it's a different system now this year and Aaron's playing well, so we just had to go out there and really make sure all 11 guys were on the same page."

LB Aaron Lynch had a big game for you guys. Did you see mismatches for him coming into this game?

"Aaron's a talented outside linebacker, and he's going to continue going up. He's going to continue making splash plays, and it was good to see that."

DT Quinton Dial
Postgame Quotes - October 4, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

Were there some keys that you guys were doing that threw Packers QB Aaron Rodgers off his game a little bit?

"We just won in one-on-one matchups and tried to get pressure and make him uncomfortable. That's what we were doing. At times we did it and at times we didn't."

It seems like you got back there and he was confused sometimes. The first read wasn't there and then you guys got to him after that. It seems like there were more guys maybe in defensive coverage.

"We just had a four-man rush pretty consistently throughout the whole game. We were just winning the one-on-one battles and getting push in the pocket."

The story of this game is going to be the defense played lights out and the offense didn't do much. How do you guys kind of stick together and not be finger-pointing at the offense or defense?

"I mean, we're a team. We have to feed off each other. We have to play better as a team. We don't point fingers in this locker room. We just have to come to work each and every day and just continue to grind. It's a long season. We have 12 games left, and nobody is going to lay down. We have 12 games left and we'll see what we're going to do."