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Torrey Smith apologizes for bad body language during 49ers loss

It was not a pretty day for the 49ers on Sunday, and some players let it show. Torrey Smith apologized as he looks to figure out how this team can improve.

The San Francisco 49ers are struggling right now, and the last two weeks we have seen several instances of bad body language. Proper body language is not going to win football games, but friction is not going to help matters. On Monday, wide receiver Torrey Smith apologized for his own bad body language in Week 4.

Yea, my body language was horrible at times. I should never let my frustrations show, especially to y'all. That's not a good thing at all. I'll work at that. I was definitely very frustrated because we're a better team than what we're showing right now. We're better offensively than how we're playing. To be honest we work too hard to go out on Sundays and play like that. Tomsula doesn't deserve this. The fans don't deserve to watch the way we play. We got to get this thing right, now.

Jim Tomsula denied the team is fractured right now, but even if they are not fractured yet, it is not difficult to see that happening if the struggles continue. I am happy that the team is recognizing the problems, but emotions are going to get the best of players from time-to-time. It will be interesting to watch this team and see what happens if struggles continue. That's really the next step for an ugly season. Things have teetered the last two seasons. An ugly loss next week on Sunday Night Football could be a tipping point, of sorts.