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49ers Twitter account with the random spam tweet

The Internet is filled with stupid things, and sometimes something happens that is so stupid it's just funny. This is one such example, and given how awful the 49ers season has been, I can't help but laugh at stupid stuff like this.

For people that aren't on Twitter, there are websites that claim to provide a value for your Twitter account. You enter it in, and after they crunch some numbers, they spit out a dollar value, and then will auto-tweet out the information. It's something that picked up steam in the early days of Twitter, but now is basically just spam.

This evening, someone on the 49ers social media team entered the 49ers account into this, and let it auto-tweet from the @49ers Twitter account. I happened to be online at the time and got a picture before the tweet was deleted.

That by itself is funny, but the first reply to the tweet took this to a greater level of hilarity. There's a running joke involving Adam Schefter tweets. For some reason, someone started replying to him with "My wife left me." It was frequently the very first response. I have no idea why someone started it, but it has become kind of funny. Anyway, the 49ers sent out the tweet above, and this response followed.

It is not a pretty time to be a 49ers fan right now, but there are still simple pleasures in life we can all enjoy.