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What was going on with that 3rd and 11 handoff to Reggie Bush?

The San Francisco 49ers made a curious play-call against the Green Bay Packers. Any idea why?

The San Francisco 49ers have had a lot of issues on offense the past two weeks. The passing game has been the biggest issue, with Colin Kaepernick struggling to do much of anything successfully. It now seems like the coaching staff is losing faith in Kap as well.

On Sunday, the 49ers faced a 3rd and 11 at their own 34-yard line in the third quarter while trailing 7-3. They ran a play out of the pistol formation in which Kap handed the ball to Reggie Bush. I am not entirely sure there was a read option mixed in there, but even if there was, why not set up a pass play? Tomsula was asked about the play after the game, and had this to say:

"That was a schematic thing on 3-and-11, backed up right there. So, what we were trying to do, they were bringing a lot of zeros (all out blitzes). We were obviously having a hard time getting that blocked up, so trying to split the zeros with an explosive guy."

Facing 3rd and 11 on your own 34 is not ideal, but I don't know that I view it as "backed up right there." Rather, it comes across as scared play-calling. Throughout the last two games, there have been calls that seem based more on avoiding something stupid than trying to get aggressive and make something happen. It shows little to no faith in Kap.

Kap has not exactly done a lot to gain faith the last two games, but at some point the coaching staff has to figure out what it wants. If they don't think Kap can do what they need to win, they need to make a change and move on. This isn't about Blaine Gabbert being the answer. Rather, it's about figuring out the long-term plans of this franchise. There is a balance between winning and figuring out what can work best for this franchise in the long term.

Facing a stiff front and man-to-man coverage on the outside, a 3rd and 11 handoff does not seem to do anything for either of this. It is only one play so it could just be an overreaction, but it just seems to encapsulate problems facing this offense right now.