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The Packers didn't think Colin Kaepernick could make throws

The Packers watched the film and didn't think Kaepernick could make throws, and planned their defense accordingly

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Network's Steve Wyche was in attendance at Levi's Stadium on Sunday and spoke to Green Bay personnel after the game. The Packers didn't think Colin Kaepernick was going to make his throws, played man coverage the entire game and loaded the box. He discussed the offensive struggles on "The Aftermath." You can watch the video here.

I gotta tell you, I wasn't believing a lot of the stuff I was hearing and seeing until I saw it in person. This is not the same player that we saw two years ago. I mean he can't keep the ball in bounds on the long shots....He was saying that some of his throws he was throwing to the ground so he wouldn't make mistakes but I gotta tell you, I think he's so shell shocked, and I spoke to some people with the Packers and they said he's like a shot fighter. You know like that fighter who's really good that gets knocked out and can't get his legs back under him. That's a damning thing to say. And they said coming into the game, they had no fear of him running the ball because they knew they were going to hold the integrity.....They went man to man coverage the entire game, man to man coverage, and they just got after him. They stayed in their lanes so he couldn't run and said 'throw it.' If you can beat us we don't think your receivers can beat our DBs and we don't think you're accurate enough to make [those plays].

Brian Baldinger who was also at the game said this:

The biggest problem I think in the decline of Colin Kaepernick is the offensive line. Jordan Devey is the right guard, Erik Pears is the right tackle right now, he doesn't believe that they can protect up front, so he's skittish. He's skittish in the pocket right now, he's sacking himself and the running game isn't being established like it was that Monday night game against Minnesota and so now its all falling on him to be able to make these throws and that's not his game.

How can this be fixed? Nate Burleson followed with these comments:

I think what we saw the other night with Drew Brees with the hurt shoulder, is the nickel and dime, the 0-15 yard plays. They need to put that back into this offense in San Francisco and allow Colin Kaepernick to nickel and dime his way down the field. And like you said, if they don't fear his legs, make teams fear his legs. That's his strength. I don't care if they want me to be a traditional quarterback, if I'm Colin Kaepernick, thinking to myself, I'm going to use what I'm blessed with and that's great speed. So he's going to have to pump fear into these teams.

There's something to be said for game planning to force Kaepernick to make throws which has been a problem of late. I'm sure the New York Giants are watching tape now, and thinking about ways to produce the same results. Kaepernick has been off target, throwing out of bounds or at receiver's feet. He looks like he doesn't trust himself and opposing defenses are like sharks that smell blood in the water.