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NFL power rankings, Week 5: 49ers down near the cellar

Week 4 of the 2015 NFL season is a wrap, and the 49ers are looking pretty bad. We present Week 5 NFL power rankings!

Week 4 is officially a wrap, as the Seattle Seahawks won a crazy one over the Detroit Lions. Seattle seemed set to role but their offense struggled in a big way in the fourth quarter. The Lions had a chance to take the lead when a horrible officiating mistake cost them the ball and the game.

And so, I'm back with another round of power rankings, and we have a modest shake-up near the top. The New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers remain at the top, but the Arizona Cardinals were upset at home. I thought the St. Louis Rams would hang close with them, but the upset kind of surprised me.

As each week has gotten worse, I've come closer and closer to dropping the San Francisco 49ers into the bottom position. It is tempting to drop them even below the winless Detroit Lions, but at the bottom of the rankings, they might all be interchangeable. The 49ers defense is better than Detroit's, but their offense is not as good. Maybe they should just be tied for 31st. I think we all can agree they are a bad football team right now.

The Rams were the biggest climber this week. They have a stout defense, and the offense could get dangerous with Todd Gurley in action. I still think the Cardinals or Seahawks win the NFC West, but the Rams are going to make things interesting. Even if they don't win the division, they will play a significant role in deciding the eventual winner.

And yes, the Seahawks got lucky last night on poor officiating at the end of the game. Somehow that happens to them. This offensive line is a problem for them, but they are doing enough to get around it. And once Marshawn Lynch is health, he and Thomas Rawls provide quite the 1-2 punch out of the backfield.

The biggest drop belongs to the Jacksonville Jaguars. They lost a close road game to the Indianapolis Colts, but without Andrew Luck, this Colts team is awful. The defense held up fairly well for once, but the offense was awful with Matt Hasselbeck running the show. Thankfully for the Colts, they should get Luck back for this week's Thursday Night Football game. They still have a lot of problems, but getting Luck back is huge.

Rank Team LW
1 New England Patriots (3-0) 1
2 Green Bay Packers (4-0) 2
3 Cincinnati Bengals (4-0) 4
4 Atlanta Falcons (4-0) 6
5 Denver Broncos (4-0) 5
6 Carolina Panthers (4-0) 8
7 Arizona Cardinals (3-1) 3
8 New York Jets (3-1) 11
9 Seattle Seahawks (2-2) 9
10 Minnesota Vikings (2-2) 10
11 Buffalo Bills (2-2) 7
12 San Diego Chargers (2-2) 14
13 New York Giants (2-2) 19
14 Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2) 12
15 St. Louis Rams (2-2) 26
16 Indianapolis Colts (2-2) 16
17 Dallas Cowboys (2-2) 13
18 Kansas City Chiefs (1-3) 15
19 Tennessee Titans (1-2) 20
20 Washington (2-2) 28
21 Baltimore Ravens (1-3) 25
22 Oakland Raiders (2-2) 17
23 Philadelphia Eagles (1-3) 22
24 Miami Dolphins (1-3) 21
25 Jacksonville Jaguars (1-3) 18
26 New Orleans Saints (1-3) 31
27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3) 23
28 Chicago Bears (1-3) 32
29 Houston Texans (1-3) 24
30 Cleveland Browns (1-3) 30
31 San Francisco 49ers (1-3) 27
32 Detroit Lions (0-4) 29