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Torrey Smith talks confidence in turning things around, Colin Kaepernick confidence, and more

Torrey Smith met with the media Monday and discussed how things feel a day removed from the ugly loss. He talked about Colin Kaepernick's confidence, how they can turn things around, and the offensive line and the deep ball. We have a full transcript, and you can listen to audio here.

Feelings a day after game:

Well, when you have a day to think about things, you're able to calm down and realize that some things aren't as bad as they seem, and what mistakes happened, and what you can do better. Definitely feel a lot better than I did [Sunday], but still doesn't feel good at all, you know, losing and still embarrassed about how we've been playing offensively.

On body language:

Yea, my body language was horrible. I should never let my frustrations show, especially to y'all. That's not a good thing at all. I work on that, but they'll be very frustrated, because we're a better team than what we're showing right now. We're better offensively than how we're playing. And to be honest, we work too hard to go out there on Sundays and play like that. Tomsula doesn't deserve this. The fans don't deserve the way we play, and we gotta get this thing right. Now.

On why confident the can get it right:

We work like we do. You work hard, success has to come. It hasn't been coming, but it just has to happen. Just stick by that belief and hope we can get this thing going.

On personnel in place for offensive line to start clicking:

Yea, I believe in our team. Certain routes you don't have to have all the time in the world. You can drop back and just throw one up, you can drop it at the top of your steps. There's things we can do to make it happen, but we just have to be confident at it, get some kind of rhythm going.

On being on same page as Kap:

I think that we're definitely on the same page with him, but we're not, the execution isn't showing at all on game day. That has to change or we're never going anywhere. We have to get that right between the quarterback, the passing game in general. You can't pass the ball in 2015, you're in trouble.

On Kap potentially lacking confidence:

No. Kap's gonna be one of the more confident people you ever see. Even if everyone in the world doubted him, he still believes in himself, and that's something that you respect about him. There's nothing outside to influence the way he thinks. It's not gonna change the way he works. He was already in here early this morning, working, trying to get things straight. So he's still the same old guy.

On watching film with him Monday morning:

Nah, I haven't watched film with him. I'll probably see him tomorrow. But today's an off day, guys kind of do their own thing.

On if it is little things here and there after looking at the film:

Some of it's growth, too. You can get in an argument with somebody today, right, and then you look at it tomorrow and go, "you know what? It didn't have to be that way." You know, and that's kind of how I feel about the way we play. It was very bad, it's frustrating, but it wasn't as, if you look it, there are things that can be fixed.

On taking more risks moving forward:

I wouldn't say so. I just think we didn't get it done. I'm not always going to sit here and tell you we called a play and it works. Everyone's a genius, everyone's happy. If we don't execute it, we're in trouble. So until we start executing, nothing's gonna change.

On any frustration with his own role:

No. Like I told you all last week, I only get frustrated when we're struggling. You know, I can go a game and not have many looks at all, and I'll be fine as long as we're moving the ball offensively. But as a player and a playmaker, you feel like you can make a difference when you're stalling. And that's when it's bothering me the most. When I feel like we're stalling, and we're not making plays that we should be making, and I feel like I can help us out. And Anquan feels the same way, tight ends feel the same way, running backs, too. That's a part of being a professional athlete. You gotta trust in yourself and your abilities. I feel like I can help the team out, and when we're struggling, that's when it bothers you the most.

On ever going through something like this before:

No, not like this. This is brand new, but it's not new to the NFL. Not at all. I mean Anquan's been around longer than me, so he's experience more. I'm a young buck, I'm still pretty young so no, this is new. But learn how to handle it, and I believe that whatever funk we're in, I believe that we're gonna get out of it.

On play action not working against Packers:

I think again, it just boils down to execution. What they did, wasn't any secret to it. They lined up, and they played us man, and they blitzed. We have to be able to make plays on the outside, make one person miss, and they're in trouble. Or you know, split in the run game and it's a huge play for us. At the end of the day, it all boils down to execution, and we haven't been doing a good job these past few weeks.